Company Profile

HOVOL(Shandong) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. About us

      Hovol (Shandong) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and reorganized and developed in 2012. It is a car body-in-white design, body SE engineering, announcement prototype production, automobile body mold design and manufacturing, automotive fixtures, The design and development of inspection tools, body stamping and welding, precision machinery parts processing and supporting, industrial automatic control systems and devices as a diversified, high-tech enterprise.

    Hovol Technology is headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong, and its production base is in Gaomi, Weifang. It has four industrial sectors: technology research and development, mold manufacturing, parts stamping and welding, precision parts processing and automation system integration. Chain Management Co., Ltd.,

    The company is a high-tech enterprise and has academician workstations, Shandong Provincial Mould Engineering Technology Research Center, Weifang Mould Engineering Technology Research Center, Weifang City Body Mould Key Laboratory and other provincial and municipal platforms. At the same time, the company was rated as "Shandong Province "Gazelle Enterprise", Weifang City's "Invisible Champion" Enterprise, National Model Workers' Home, etc.

    After several years of development, the high-end passenger car body molds and accessories independently developed and produced by Hovol Technology have reached the leading level in the industry, relying on strong technical innovation strength to provide high-quality products and services for many car companies. Many domestic independent brand car companies, such as FAW Cars, Brilliance Xinyuan, Dayun, Foton, Beiqi, Sinotruk, etc., joint venture brands such as SAIC GM, FAW Volkswagen, Hyundai, etc., and some new energy vehicle brands such as Zhijun, Lingpao, Hezhong, etc. It has been affirmed by our customers and has become a rising star in the field of automobile body molds.