Information management

OA System

Through the implementation of OA system, the automation of working process can be realized, the management can be promoted to be electronic and standardized, the business processing efficiency can be improved, and the monitoring and management of internal business processes can be strengthened.

Enterprise Collaborative Management Platform

Through the implementation of the enterprise collaborative management platform system, the company has established sales management, plan management, project management, production management, procurement management, warehouse management, quality management and other subsystems to realize the integration and sharing of internal information resources of the enterprise.

Data management system (PDM): through the implementation of PDM, the production efficiency can be improved, which is conducive to the management of the product's full life cycle, and the efficient use of documents, drawings and data can be strengthened to standardize the working process

Purchase-sell-stock management system (ERP): to track and manage the company's internal production and operation logistics, capital flow, inventory status, quantity and time, and overall control and deployment management to maximize the use of company resources

Manufacturing management system (MES): MES is a production information management system that tracks the plan execution and feedback of the manufacturing workshop

Customer relationship management (CRM): through the customer relationship management system, to meet the personalized needs of different value customers, to improve customer loyalty and retention rate, to achieve customer value contribution, so as to comprehensively improve the profitability of the company.

Human resource management (HRM): provide efficient performance management and performance evaluation through the human resource management system.

Equipment management system: through the implementation of equipment management system, improve the company's equipment management level.

Financial System

Through the implementation of the financial system, realize the centralized control of the financial business of the subsidiary company.